API Overview

From today, you can use the figo connect API in a Open Beta Phase. More informations you can find here:

»We’re building an independent platform that helps customers handle finances in an easy, efficient and confident way.«

Key Features

  • Multiple accounts & services in one place
    We’re bringing together banks, payment providers and financial service providers on one independent platform.
  • Integration of accounts into biz environment
    Integrate financial data as well as payment into your existing tools.
  • In-time reaction
    Turn you manual processes into an automated workflow as they occur. Improve your response times and customer experience.
  • Concentrate on your application
    We’re providing you an easy to use API that spares you the hassle of implementing and integrating protocols and technologies such as FinTS, HBCI+, SOAP and Web Scraping.
  • Storage
    We´re providing a full service hosting for the financial data.
API Specification

  1. Authentication
    Authentication, authorization and demo access
    Access bank accounts and transactions
  3. Synchronization
    Synchronize bank accounts with financial institutions
  4. Notifications
    Stay informed about new transactions